Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream 058: Extreme First Date

I was with Lia (girl I was talking to briefly but never became involved with) in some house. I remember us going into her room. We got naked and under the covers. I remember her tummy had a tattoo that surrounded her belly button. It was nice looking... Dark blue, almost black, and had a lacy tribal style.

I was extremely aroused, to the point that it was awkward. But I didn't have any intention of having sex with her "the first time" we were together. I could look up at a computer screen and see Lia's thoughts on display as text. They confirmed we both wanted the same thing. Her face was hazy, not as pretty as real life. Kind of dull and average. I never really felt turned on, instead I felt nervous. But she was full of desire and passion.

Note: Here again I refer to the number of times I had been with a girl. This is comparable to the typical dating mentality of waking life. First date, second date, third date appropriate behaviors and activities. This was accurate, we hadn't gone on a date. And, I doubt I had dreamed about her before this because I had only recently met her.

-January 25, 1998

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