Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dream 040: For Statistical Purposes

My intention is to transfer 20-Dreams per month to this blog. For statistical purposes, you should recon Dream 025 as two separate dreams to arrive at 20-Dreams in May. In retrospect, the vivid fearful dreams might have stimulated lucidity. Or perhaps a sign of increasing lucidity?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dream 038-039: Gun Play & Failed Reality Test

038: I had a handgun, black. I was walking around (a house) and pointing it a lot (like a cop movie). I searched through some closet/cubby hole, but found nothing. Then felt cautious enough to point the gun into the closet. I recall thinking "That was a lame thing for me to do."

Why that one moment is the only part I recall is bizarre to me. It wasn't the most eventful, interesting, challenging, or scenic. If anything it was one of the least interesting moments, and not the last moment at that. I'm sure the dream went on for at least a minute longer.

Note: On the surface a throw away dream, but I still remember it to this day. I vaguely recollect finding a woman in a rocking chair in a living room area next. This brief fragment has the air of one of my nightmares in the resolution phase.

039: At one time last night, or two, I dreamed that the reality tester button on the Nova Dreamer had fallen out of the mask!

Note: Dream 039 is the first to include a possible false awakening. Only, I never remembered waking up, only dreaming that the button had fallen out. It reminds me of dreams in which I found cash. When I woke up, I briefly looked around realizing of course, it was all a dream.

-January 8, 1998

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dream 034-037: Deep into Dream City

034: (Dream Seed) at last! I'm sure I dreamed about high school. The parking lot was filled with dark cars. I even thought at one point "Maybe I should just do 5-years of high school?"

It may have been around graduation time. I don't really remember seeing any familiar people from school. I sorta remember a student being lynched in the parking lot.

I was talking to Emily. She was sitting at a (desktop) computer outdoors! She had makeup on and looked very Gothic. It looked like she was browsing through menus (online). I was sitting on the ground. She seemed slightly sad.

036: I was in a bar/pub by myself. The place was crowded. I waded through the crowd towards the bar at its center. Steff and another tall blond guy were asking a girl - who looked like a more attractive version of Holly! (A girl who was my best friend for a short period of 3rd grade, and who by coincidence transferred to my high school. We were never friends after a fallout we had in the 3rd grade however. I was floored she was in any dream or thought whatsoever...) "How much for a blow job?"

Just then, I walked up to Steff and greeted him and his friend. He seemed mildly surprised to see me and mildly happy. The bar/pub was in a made up city that was a cross between Downtown SF and Brighton England (where my friend Steff was from). I've dreamed about it before.

Much later in the dream, I was thrown in prison. A dirty, filthy, farm animal hangout/barn-like place. I looked around a bit, then other prisoners appeared. One of the prisoners appeared to be the lynched student from earlier(!), covered with scars and scabs all over him. The guards that appeared were releasing him. I recall thinking at that point: "I only have to make it 30-days in here. Then they'll let me go like him..."

Note: I have never been arrested, or sent to prison. I have no interest in prison stories, fictional or otherwise. No abnormal fear or dread of prison, and no contact with anyone who has been to prison.

My second record of a familiar dream city. Downtown San Fransisco mixed with Brighton. This is likely part of the same location visited in Dream 031

037: I just recalled another dream fragment. I get the feeling I was at Tanforan shopping mall. But there were tables setup on the second floor near the escalators. I was walking by myself. I spotted Fey (ex-girlfriend I had contact with a few years prior to this dream and had rarely thought of since), she spotted me. She was sitting with another woman, a brunette.

She smiled from afar, I smiled back and she had a look like "Oh see, I got that man! He wants me." I felt slightly uncomfortable with her expression. I didn't stop to talk to her. Her look didn't change either. She just looked at her friend (with the same expression). She was overweight. Pear shaped. I didn't feel sexual attraction towards her (like usual).

Note: There were no tables set up by the 2nd floor escalators at Tanforan in those days. There are a few there now, and an Orange Julius/Dairy Queen also. Also see Dream 067 & Lucid Animals at

-January 7, 1998

Dream 032-033: Vaction with Estranged Friends

032: I recall being at a cabin with Katie, Fred, Molly, and Emily. I know there was some cool drama in the attic during this dream but I don't recall any of that in detail. I do distinctly recall us all getting ready to go. Getting our stuff packed.

The house was two stories with a yellow painted interior. I remember walking down the stairs, flirting with Molly, and grabbing Emily's hand.

Note: My Mother and I used to go on vacation with them to a house near the Russian River. It had been over 5-years since we had vacationed together. Katie was my Mom's close friend since childhood. Why she appears so often in these records is mind boggling for me. There is no apparent reason for it, that I am aware of, whatsoever.

On the other hand, they had the only attic I entered as a child and still clearly recollect today.

I have probably had dreams about their attic since before I was 10-years old. Nothing of great interest ever occurred there in real life. Molly and I use to play there once in a while. In "dreamland" I strongly suspect it's a location of olden suppressed dream experiences. Although I only consciously remember glimpses of it.

I vaguely recall meeting up with Daric in a dream. He was sleeping close to a digital alarm clock.

Note: Daric and Joe were my best friends, and a regular part of my daily life at the time of this writing. Both lived close by in the same city. Yet, this is the first time Daric appears in the dream records, and Joe appears as sort of an extra in only two dreams before this.

Sleeping next to a digital alarm clock is exactly what I was doing throughout many of these experiments and records.

-January 6, 1998

Dream 031: Drop Zone Hotel

I was in San Francisco, or an area like it. I was walking uphill with a person I don't remember. When I looked out over the view of the city, I saw a 50-story building. Like a hotel under construction, it had scaffolds all-around it.

It was white and rundown looking. I had the thought, "That looks like the building I keep falling off of in my dreams." -There was a lot more to this dream that I don't remember clearly.

Note: The first mention of my alternate dream memory-bank. Something that happened in an earlier dream. I hadn't written about falling off this building before. Yet when I woke up, the location felt familiar, as it still does to this day.

-January 1, 1998

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dream 029-030: Friend of a Hottie, Audio Only Dream

029: I was sitting on a sofa with my pockets empty and inside out. I was talking about Nicole's sister with an unknown person. Whoever I was talking with seemed to know Nicole. I was sitting in a living room I did not recognize.

Note: Nicole is a girl I had a brief crush on when she showed up senior year of high school as the blossomed ugly duckling. I had not thought about her in years, we never exchanged numbers, and I do not know if she had a sister or not.

I do not remember anything visual about this dream. I remember someone talking about a storm coming and that Katie and Fred were playing Battleship.

Note: Boardgames are something I think to play during blackouts. Blackouts tend to occur during storms. An odd implication in my first recorded "audio only" dream.

-December 30, 1997

Dream 028: Colorful Condoms

I was in someones apartment. I was video tapping something (on their equipment). Soon one or two women showed up. One of them went down on me right near the balcony. The curtains were wide open. Her entire apartment complex could see what we were doing.

I started to make love to her, a blond with an attractive body. She told me "Put a condom on." I went through a couple of nearby boxes and found some very colorful condoms.

-December 27, 1997

Note: I think it's possible my recent increase in dream lovers was weighing on my conscious... Ironically, finding the colorful condoms ended the dream.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dream 026-027: World Command Center (Lucid #3), Nightclub Bust

026: (Lucid #3) I was in a control room, or the command center of the entire world. I could look down at it like a map from a video game. I could physically fly from place-to-place. Little orange dots marked the cities.

At some point the Borg (Star Trek's galactic villains) got involved. I would fly from place-to-place talking with people. I realized at one point, this is a dream! I looked around to see if people were still behaving as if it were real. And they were, so I went about the business of saving the world.

The lands and the sea looked like tropical islands. At one point I could see great quantities of pollution filling the air, rising in the atmosphere swishing and swirling into the perfect air.

I went to where my Dad was and family was gathering. I put on a silk shirt I felt like I had left at Grandma's house (at Christmas). I told my Dad that it was too much work to save the world from assimilation. And that I was just going to let it be taken over. My Dad wanted me to save it of course. I remember watching time lapse of water rushing into San Francisco, eroding away the layers of rock and land at its foundation.

Note: One of the most epic and memorable dreams of my life. I do not remember ever directly performing any deeds to "save the world." I don't remember fighting the Borg directly. I only remember flying around to "crisis zones" and talking with people there.

The most enterprising element to the dream was being able to seamlessly interact with the world map. I still remember the spectacular vistas while flying. Flight speed and control were perfect, easy, and extremely rapid.

I most likely flew away from encounters with the Borg. I vaguely recall seeing them set down on one of the smaller islands in the ocean. I landed on a nearby island to speak with a native there about it. I was absolutely thrilled by the sense of speed, scope, and casual power in this dream. It lasted at least 10-15 minutes.

027: I was at a dance or nightclub. I was hanging out with the Joe and this Hispanic thug dude. I was walking around the place, music playing that was maybe my alarm clock. Then the guy I was hanging out with said "Oh shit the cops are here!"

I looked around for them and saw them standing way off to one side.

I decided the best way for me to avoid getting involved was to go dance on the dance floor. So I went downstairs to the sunken dance floor or gym. The women were wearing white skirts with white stockings. The men were in black. I started to shuffle to go into a break dancing move(!) when the real life phone woke me up.

Note: This was borderline a dream seed. I kept inching closer towards the objective of "traveling back in time" to high school. Tropical islands were another dream seed location I had difficulty with.

-December 26, 1997

Dream 025: Falling and Voices

(Nightmare) It took me over an hour to fall asleep. I only slept for six hours. Lots of hypnagogic imagery. And (A) the startling voice of Stacy saying my name. In the imagery we were in my car - just before I fell asleep.

The night before, (B) I suddenly felt myself falling off a second story balcony. It was so shocking, my heart started pounding extremely hard. I woke up shaking.

Note: This is the first entry in which I was struck by fear. I didn't consider this entry to be a "true dream" at the time. Yet here again are those familiar dream elements, condensed into a few short sentences. I am familiar with hypnagogic imagery but rarely experience it vividly.

-December 20, 1997

Dream 024: Harmless Candle

The only fragment I remember is being in my living room at night. And a candle was burning on the floor near the front window. The flame was almost touching the curtains and I thought:

"Oh no it's going to catch on fire!" But it didn't, just kept burning. Then I woke up.

-December 19, 1997

Dream 023: Gotta Run!

The only fragment I remember clearly - I was in a bedroom, possibly my grandfather's, there was a woman I was threatening. As it turned out she threatened me, she stepped out from behind the bed and revealed she was carrying a shotgun. My tune changed when I saw it. I thought:

"Oh shit I was bluffing and now I'm in trouble. Gotta run!"

-December 17, 1997

Dream 021-22: Mob Milkshakes & Cigarette Smoke

021: I had many vivid dreams, many! I remember only bits and pieces. I remember this strange mob guy and these strange milkshakes he made. I'm pretty sure Fred (& Katie) were in my dream, if not the entire family. I remember being in a (very) high place. I remember a huge place, cylinder shaped with spiraling balconies.

There may have been a high school mock up in the dreams as well. I don't remember ever being lucid. High school is one of the dream locations I was dream seeding to travel to.

I'm with my Dad. I was working in the computer room. He was smoking a cigarette near to the butt of it. I said "Dad you aren't supposed to smoke in here?" He practically ignored me then finished what little of the cigarette he had left.

-December 15, 1997