Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream 059: Stadium Parking Lot

My recall strength was low on this dream... I was at the Super Bowl with my parents. It was at night, I ended up wandering into the parking lot. The game ended. I remember thinking "Now I'll never find them." I think I was mad at them for some reason. I'm also pretty sure I met up with some guy in the parking lot of the stadium. I had never seen this stadium before.

Note: I don't watch football. My parents do a little, but I have never actually been to a sporting events with both of my parents.

-January 26, 1998

Dream 058: Extreme First Date

I was with Lia (girl I was talking to briefly but never became involved with) in some house. I remember us going into her room. We got naked and under the covers. I remember her tummy had a tattoo that surrounded her belly button. It was nice looking... Dark blue, almost black, and had a lacy tribal style.

I was extremely aroused, to the point that it was awkward. But I didn't have any intention of having sex with her "the first time" we were together. I could look up at a computer screen and see Lia's thoughts on display as text. They confirmed we both wanted the same thing. Her face was hazy, not as pretty as real life. Kind of dull and average. I never really felt turned on, instead I felt nervous. But she was full of desire and passion.

Note: Here again I refer to the number of times I had been with a girl. This is comparable to the typical dating mentality of waking life. First date, second date, third date appropriate behaviors and activities. This was accurate, we hadn't gone on a date. And, I doubt I had dreamed about her before this because I had only recently met her.

-January 25, 1998

Dream 057: A Dreamless Week

Now I'm pissed! I haven't recalled a dream in a week! What happened!? I must have vivid dreams right now!

057: I vaguely recall telling my Mom in a dream Stacy had already gone back to Tim, or words to that effect. I also had flash backs of dream visions, but none I clearly recall anymore.

Note: I continued all my induction techniques for this entire week. And, I used the Nova Dreamer, and honestly didn't recall even one dream. I have notes for almost each day, but no dreams. Not sure what brought this on, but things had been running smoothly until this point. I will look into if anything special happened that week.

-January 24, 1997

Dream 056: The Artemis System Net

Although I don't remember any visual dreams, I was awaken in the middle of a nap dreaming. I rambled something off like "I was just thinking about the Artemis Net." From the game Master of Orion II - which I played for hours today.

Note: I almost never use this defensive technology in the game. Basically, it's a network of mines that blockade ships from attacking your worlds.

-January 17, 1998

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dream 052-055: One Timeless Dance & Multiple Reality Buttons

052: I was at my High School dance. It was not in a building I recognized. I don't even recall seeing anyone's face. I was sitting on some silver bars (jungle gym/monkey bars) talking to a girl. She asked me something about dancing. I was wearing a white collared shirt, similar to one I wore at my Junior High graduation! A song came on that everyone wanted to dance to it. It was Grease Lightning!

053: I was trying to press the reality tester button on the Nova Dreamer. But, there was several of them and none of them worked at all. I dismissed it as just me trying to press the circuits and "missing the button."

054: This dream had a beginning, middle, and end. All I recall of it now is the very beginning and the very end. Stacy and I were in S.F. in her car. She drove there and we parked... Near the end of the dream we found the car, nearby Tom (one of my best friends first cousins!) was there. I thanked him (?) and gave him a firm handshake.

Note: Yet again, a person I have had little contact with in life appears in my dreams. And yet again, a cousin is featured in my dreams.

055: I had graphic sexual dream about my Ex Stacy where we did "almost everything" but she was on her period. I never looked her in the eyes, and it was day time. This maybe connected with the last dream, part of it, or a separate dream.

-January 16, 1998

Dream 051: Don't Use the Stairs

I walked out of my room, and blocking the stairs was a huge spiderweb. With a giant red furry spider. It moved around a bit on the web the moment I noticed it, and that spooked me into waking up...

-January 15, 1998

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dream 048-050: Twisted Stairway & A Lesson in Respect

048: I was on Alabama St. in my Mom's car. It was raining and I got the impression I was home sitting for my cousin. I parked the car directly out front. I left the car running, locked all the doors, and then took the keys out of ignition. (Impossible.) The stairs out front were completely different than real-life. Cement and metal twisting upwards to the front door.

As I climbed up the stairs, my wallet fell down my pant leg. (Impossible.) I thought, "I should ask myself if I'm dreaming because it seems awfully difficult to climb these stairs!"

049: I was in some huge warehouse. There were racks of clothing everywhere. One or more people were trying to sneak up on me. I don't recall any more about it.

Auntie Bertha and Uncle Frank were coming up the stairs of what I thought was my house. I said "Hi" to both of them, and my Auntie Bertha didn't respond. So I raised my voice and said "Hello Auntie Bertha!" She just gave me this look.

I followed her into the bathroom and was like "What's your problem?" She then gave me a brief speech about respect. I gave her a military salute and walked out.

-January 14, 1998

Dream 044-047: Imploding Sun & Another Map Dream

044: I was in my room, except it was located where my Jr. High school gym and cafeteria are. I remember a car turning the corner there and the headlights flashing me across the eyes. (I was not wearing the Nova Dreamer this night.) My room had two windows. There was more to this dream...

045: All my relatives were upstairs. And we were group clapping and arguing. And speaking our minds about each other.

046: I was in outer space, I didn't feel like I was inside a spaceship or a body. I was staring at a yellow star that nearly filled up my field of view. It looked a little time-lapse fake - it started to implode. As the star caves-in on itself, I turn and fly away as fast as possible, which I believe, leads directly into my next dream...

047: I saw an overhead map of an earth-like planet. I chose where to settle on it. Once I had chosen a river filled area, I appeared in the world within sight of the settlement I saw from above. I swooped around the settlement and the visuals got really fake and hypnagogic. Then I woke up.

-January 11, 1998

Dream 041-043: A Dream Series Begins & A Movie I Never Want to See

041: I was talking to the girl across the street on my house phone. I could see in through the window in the front of her house. It was massive inside. Oak wood floors, panels, with a high vaulted ceiling. It was about 3-stories high. I remember her saying "Well should I go over to your house or do you want to come over to mine?"

That's when I walked into her garage. (Still on the cordless house phone.) A small guy was stacking blocks of wood there. I could look out of the garage and see the front of my house with the garage door open. I thought "This is like the second time I've talked to this girl, we should be getting close soon."

The other time I was thinking of was in a dream too. (Dream 014)

Note: This was "like the 2nd" dream I had about the house across the street. It was in fact the 2nd dream I recorded about being friends with them. It was around this time in real life that new neighbors moved into the house across the street. I had been friendly with the original people who lived there, but when I was a kid. Our relationship had faded out many years before they actually moved out.

The new reoccurring relationships/location became pivotal in my glimpses of repressed dream history.

042: I was at my Dad's old apartment. Waiting for him and Tracy (estranged stepmother) to show up. The front door opened slowly and my Dad walked in. After a beat my Mom walked in next. She fussed over what to wear while Tracy is here. Then ran off to the bathroom to change.

043: My third dream just came back to me! It was a movie preview. Robert De Nero is the only person I recall. He was talking to a woman on the phone. He was naked in bed on the phone masturbating. I thought "This is a pretty gross looking movie."

Note: This brings up a point that often occurs to me. Are we more likely to forget dreams we consider gross or annoying?

-January 9, 1998