Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dream 014: Love Triangle

I'm in the backseat of a car on Stacy's (most recent ex-girlfriend) right, Tim (Stacy's Ex-Boyfriend) is at her left, Lilly (Stacy's sister) and a few others are in the back. It was bizarre, I told everyone I didn't want to fight him. But then I demonstrated my ability to destroy him with my bare hands. By pretending to rip him to shreds. That almost caused a fight on the spot.

I explain to Tim how Stacy has hurt me, she'll do the same to you again. He starts to cry. I get out of the car and walk away. I expect and I'm looking for Stacy's shadow to follow behind me. It does, she walks me back to this bizarre apartment I'm staying in with my Mom and Katie. Neither of them are home. On the way Stacy explains the main reason she is still with me is: "Sex!"

I find a note in the bathroom (there) that says "July" and has a phone number which I interpret to be the phone number to Six Flags. Stacy insists we draw all the blinds, we did. Soon I was leaving and going home (to my real life home).

Out front it's raining and I'm still with Stacy. We go in to the garage, I'm picking up the mail when the girl across the street appears in front of Stacy. I walk over to see what they're talking about, Stacy directs her towards me. I walk up to her and she says:

"My brother and I want to be friends with you."
We agree, she walks away, Stacy is surprised and says "I leave your life and right away a friend replaces me."
I reply "See how God treats me?"

Note: This was apparently the starting point of a dream friendship with my neighbors from across the street. Since then, I have recollections of other dreams with them in it. In real life, we are barely on a first name basis. I have no special interest in them, or they me, just friendly waves and every few years a polite chat.

-December 4, 1997

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