Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream 011: Unwelcome Guests & Epic Festive Party

I was walking down my block towards the cross street, when a car with two girls stopped honked, and flirted with me from an old Camaro. The girls were overweight, the Camero was thrashed, I spent a few seconds checking them out to see if they were worthwhile. I turned away, they honked again, I held out my hand and waved. Then they drove off.

There were many people on my block, in fact a neighbor brought me a half a watermelon that was sort of shredded. There was also a repair man waiting at my front door. They all tried to walk-in when I got home, I told them to wait out front. I searched the house for my Mom and Grandfather I couldn't find them at first. I vividly remember walking upstairs, my Mom's door was shut, my Grandpa's door was open but I didn't see him inside. I thought there should be a message from my Mom about "the status of the household." I had two voice messages so I checked them. I don't remember the messages.

Next I hear my Grandfather coming home. I go to the front door to greet him - all the people waiting at the front walked into the (entry) hall. I sneered at them to leave and I walked out onto the porch. A very hostile and an upset repair man said "I'm not going to argue with you any more."

I went back inside and it sort of became a Christmas party. A very decorative and epic one. My living room was about twice its ordinary size. There was a grand table with many people sitting at. My Grandfather was at the center. My Auntie Bertha was at the end, my Mom was absent but I looked for a chair space for her. There was one next to my Grandfather's right, with a tall Christmas tree in her place.

I remember thinking - my Mom must have went to the party without me - a party that was happening in real life. The living room was beautifully made up with gold and silver and the ceiling must have been 30ft high. It was very elegant.

-November 29, 1997

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