Monday, April 26, 2010

Dream 005-007: Dream Crime, No Touching, Dinosaurs

005: One of my dreams last night I vaguely remember standing in front of a jewelry store with other people I didn't know. I may have done something illegal to them. I remember sneaking home alone afterward, except I lived in this bizarre three-story (wooden) plank shack. I sneaked into my room but the landlord - an older lady about age 60 - freaked out and threatened, through the wall, to call the police. My room was a super mess, worse than in real life. I thought to myself "If she calls the police on me I'm going to get caught" -for whatever (illegal) I did earlier.

So I sneaked all around the building (and through the backyard) until I could hear her voice talking on the phone through the wall. I climbed or flew up to her window and insisted to her that everything was OK, and there was no need to call the police. It seemed to be nighttime in the dream.

Note: Throughout the time I was looking around my disaster area of an apartment, I could hear the land lady screaming at me through the walls. The walls were visibly vibrating. I could hear her voice laying in threats at me. I remember my stuff looked really old, like 1950's electronics junk. Dusty and possibly nonfunctional. From the outside, this bizarre rundown apartment was very similar to the house in Dream 016. In both dreams I ended up in a familiar backyard location that doesn't exist in real life.

This was a borderline nightmare.

006: I had two other dreams I remember. I was standing in my kitchen with Crissy(?), it seemed like we were an item. I touched her or tried to kiss her and she looked at me funny. I thought to myself, oh no I shouldn't have touched her. Maybe she just likes me as a friend? But (instead) I said something like "That's just the way it is."

007: I know there was more to my third dream, all I remember is running through the park at night. Joe may have been present. There were creatures in the park, which resembled Cherry Park, but it was dark and I couldn't see anything but grass and trees. I said to whomever I was with "If we run inside the tree canopy, the dinosaurs won't be able to get us."

-November 25, 1997

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