Monday, April 26, 2010

Dream 008-010: Gatorade Behavior Control, Lucid #1, Old Best Friend

008: My first dream I was with a girl. We walked around in the woods. There were strange creatures. One of them was snake like and approached us from on the trail we were on. Another struck me as a chameleon gnome that looked like gray wood and bark with glowing eyes. We talked a lot and were not afraid. I don't remember what she looked like. We eventually traveled to an empty house, not much happened there but I do remember trying to jump into a moving car, a Mustang convertible (with the top down).

When we reached her house her Dad was there with a frozen body in the living room. Her Mom was there too! They told me their daughter "knew too much" and that "Gatorade" a "behavior controlling organization" would want to go after her. I was not lucid, I can't remember much more.

Note: This dream is one I would have remembered parts of for life. I also remember "Gatorade" arriving in a white van. The "frozen body" in my recollection was in the kitchen/dining room area standing upright encased in ice. If its presence was explained, I don't remember the explanation. This dream was unusually vivid, and at least the gnome like creature was inspired by something I had just then seen on TV. This dream was not scary in-spite of the excitement and the monsters. On the contrary, it was tranquil and mysterious.

009: (Lucid #1) My second dream I was running down the street at car like speeds when I realized, this must be dream. I looked around at the houses that looked like Berry St, I thought to myself: maybe it's a dream - I should open up one of those houses doors and check inside. I also thought, since this is a dream I should try to look for the Nova dreamer lights. I found a car driving in front of me with its brake lights flashing. Next, I ran up alongside of a woman that was jogging. I started to flirt with her. She looked at me like "your up to something but I kind of like it."

Note: In the journal, I left out that I did in fact enter a random house on Berry St. I ran up to the front door, it was unlocked, I looked around. No one was home but it appeared to be well furnished inside. It was poorly light, so I ran back out to the street. Just then, the attractive looking female jogged past heading in the same direction I initially was. She had on a hat, her hair was up, and she was wearing a black or navy blue sports outfit with a white stripe.

010: Third dream I just remembered. I was on the phone (with ???) and I got a call on the other line, it was Jason (my childhood best friend). I paced around my room and talked to him. I thought about inviting him to play games, but I was scared I would "never get rid of him" if I did. He sounded a little hazy and weird, which is normal for him now.

-November 28, 1997

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