Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream 020: Dream Corridor (Lucid #2)

(Lucid #2) I just remembered my dream, a lucid one! I was moving down this passage way, there was a person at the end of hall. There was a baby blue door (on the right). I remember thinking "Another lucid dream!"

Everything was superbly detailed visually. I remember trying to run down the hallway towards the person. That if I moved in such a way so that I didn't see my hands, I would run even faster!

Sadly, I don't remember who the person was at the end of the hall for sure. I questioned him about the dream, he answered clearly and straightforward. I was excited, it was very realistic. I kept thinking something was about to happen at any moment. But always reminded myself it was a dream, it will only happen if I let it.

Note: This might be the first "dream guru" I recorded. I had over the years met people in my dreams who themselves seemed lucid. They professed to be aware they were dream people and that I was dreaming. Occasionally they explained the cosmology of my dreamland to me. Sometimes they made sense, other times they didn't. There are also the nonsense explanations - that made sense while dreaming but not on awakening. Either way, I rarely remember their words it would seem.

-December 14, 1997

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