Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream 012-013: X-Ray Vision & Roadside Sex

012: I remember clearly I was at a gas station filling my car up with gas. I decided to look down into the tank and watch the gas go in, a physical impossibility. The tank must have went down into darkness over 100ft. I could see the gas level getting higher and higher, until it almost overflowed.

013: Some way or another I was at this strange house I don't know the exact order of events. People were after me. At one point I asked Molly, the girl I was with (estranged childhood best friend), to open the closet door while I readied a shotgun. Sure enough when she opened it a white trash looking guy with a rifle jumped out. My gun jammed, but eventually I shot him.

Katie and Fred (Molly's real life parents) showed up shortly thereafter and told me not to worry about Molly's boyfriend, that she "still had feelings for me." Soon thereafter we hit the road which was loaded with a mob of women who may have been working for the "bad guys." The road was like Skyline, long and narrow, and just women. Most everybody walked only, I didn't see any cars. I pulled one of them off to the side, not Molly, and we made out. I was running to the north, the girl I basically had sex with on the side of the road I didn't know.

Note: Dream 0012-013 are examples of being semi-lucid. Looking back, it would seem I had made an enterprise out of running down athletic women and fooling around with them. I never noticed the connection between Dream 009 and Dream 013 until now. A road filled with alluring women might have required a deep gas tank? Also see Dream 015.

-December 1, 1997

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