Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dream 015-018: Supermarket Mom's, Demon Presence

015: I think I was in some strange supermarket. There were all these women of different ages around, each of them trying to mother me. I finally told an aisle full of them "I'm only here for two weeks, if each of you tries to baby me twice I won't have any time left." They laughed and acted somewhat embarrassed.

Note: Another occasion with a mass of unknown females in a large area.

016: (Nightmare) I drove up to a house with three other people. We were not there very long when a strange powerful presence manifested. It was like the classic depiction of a demon appearance, I ran the opposite way. My friends followed me and became Jason and Alex (his close friend). I jumped out a two-story window and tried to reach the roof of the shed in the backyard. I missed, but glided off to one side and landed softly on grass next to the shed.

I went back inside to look for my friends and they were gone. I couldn't find the invisible force any more, but the house was in the same condition. Soon the phone rang and at this point the dream seemed more like a movie I was watching on TV. I saw a woman answer. She spoke for a moment then became alarmed "I didn't call you a cunt!" She said. Then she became fear struck and ripped the phone out of the wall. She can still hear a voice on the other end.

I changed the channel not wanting to encounter "demon trickery" movies. I heard a car pull up outside. I left the bathroom - where the TV was - and went to the front door. Two vans had pulled up with my cousins inside. DD, Emily, Dale's daughter and her sister's daughter's - were getting out of them. It was nighttime.

My Mom called at the front door, then the dream ended.

Note: The profanity in this dream, the "c" word, is not a word I use or think about. It's commonly used in the UK I know, but I have never made use of it in conversation in my life.

017: A silver sports car pulled into the backyard (my backyard), my Dad and the guy that looked like David's best friend got out (a person I only met in passing and don't even remember now). I was watching through a slot in the blinds. I started complaining to my Mom... "Don't let them screw with the computer."

018: While driving, I remembered a driving dream from last night. I was in my car on the freeway. I saw a police car, its marking were grayish. No sooner did I see it than I swerved off the road and then adjusted back onto the road. I remember thinking "Oh great, I hope he didn't see that."

-December 10, 1997

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