Monday, April 26, 2010

Intro 000: Dreams & Nightmares

The first set of posts are dreams and nightmares I recorded while experimenting with lucid dreaming and dream seeding 1997-2001. During this period I frequently used the Nova Dreamer and attempted various dream recall techniques. These dreams were usually recorded the instant I woke by hand or as soon as the dreams were recalled. I copied them into this blog with minor corrections.

Much of the dream imagery leaps back into my memory when I explore these old journal entries, but extra words will be in brackets or mentioned post script. There is some sexual content. I may tone down dreams that are too graphic. I have changed the names of certain people and places out of respect of privacy.

I share these with the sincere hope that they will further advance the human understanding of our extremely important dream lives. The unbounded but murky world we dwell in and fabricate while we are asleep. I wish I could say I am good at remembering my dreams. Without regular practice and plenty of sleep, I rarely do. The dreams uncovered here are often shades of sagas, eras, episodes, and bygone relationships with "real people" with "dream people" and in "dream places" that stretch back to childhood.

As my lucid experiments progressed. I learned imperfectly to: See through walls, run at car-like speed, fly, leap from great heights without fear, have sex, slip through cracks, teleport -and a few other things more surprising.

Strangely, many of the cast members of my dreams are real people - long since left my life. When I began to recollect large numbers of dreams, I was often stunned by their constant appearances - when I woke up. While awake, I hadn't much thought of some of these people in years.

Gradually, a warped parallel dream reality emerged. One in which people I had written off long before without regret, were often my regular if awkward dream companions. Even more bewildering? While dreaming certain dreams, I was apparently familiar with the lore, history, timeline, social structure, and even the geography of my dreamland. In these same dreams, I felt completely aware of the differences between "real life" and "dream life."

During my fleeting moments of super-lucidity, I seemed to command an exact memory of scores of additional dreams I remembered little about while awake. This catalog of offline dream knowledge felt crucial for my comfort and survival vs. certain reoccurring dream hazards. Upon awakening, the wisdom of my dreamland all but evaporates.

Considering some of the content I discovered, I don't think remembering 100% of our dreams would be healthy for some. For me, this dream life experience amounts to a staggering and prolific subconscious lore.

Until this experiment, I was unaware that many of my dreams were not so forgotten. But instead stored just beneath the surface of my conscious memories. I have learned that we are all able and all required to - access our subconscious dream histories. This is our own personal Map of Dreamland.

These are my private journals and highly valued personal records. All Rights Reserved. ©1997-2010

No part of this publication may be stored, transmitted, or copied without expressed written permission. Brief quotes are okay for review and reference as long the URL is sited:

No religious or mystical rituals were employed. Advertisements that appear are not necessarily endorsed, there is a lot of dream junk online. My dream explorations were thrown into high gear thanks to information and technology from the Lucidity Institute:

Dream Recall
Inducing Lucid Dreams
Nova Dreamer

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  1. That was an intense and personal read. I'm glad I showed up here. =) I'm a lucid dreamer and dreamworld explorer myself. I'm still looking for different things in dreams, sometimes things I know about, others that the dream shows me that I didn't know I was looking for.

    I imagine I understand everything you've written in the above, but I'll read some of your dreams to know whether or not I truly do.