Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dream 020: Dream Corridor (Lucid #2)

(Lucid #2) I just remembered my dream, a lucid one! I was moving down this passage way, there was a person at the end of hall. There was a baby blue door (on the right). I remember thinking "Another lucid dream!"

Everything was superbly detailed visually. I remember trying to run down the hallway towards the person. That if I moved in such a way so that I didn't see my hands, I would run even faster!

Sadly, I don't remember who the person was at the end of the hall for sure. I questioned him about the dream, he answered clearly and straightforward. I was excited, it was very realistic. I kept thinking something was about to happen at any moment. But always reminded myself it was a dream, it will only happen if I let it.

Note: This might be the first "dream guru" I recorded. I had over the years met people in my dreams who themselves seemed lucid. They professed to be aware they were dream people and that I was dreaming. Occasionally they explained the cosmology of my dreamland to me. Sometimes they made sense, other times they didn't. There are also the nonsense explanations - that made sense while dreaming but not on awakening. Either way, I rarely remember their words it would seem.

-December 14, 1997

Dream 019: Walk of Shame

I invited Stacy over, she walked in the front door with a living room full with people.

-December 12, 1997

Note: Seemingly a throwaway dream but in this brief entry are several reoccurring dream elements.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dream 015-018: Supermarket Mom's, Demon Presence

015: I think I was in some strange supermarket. There were all these women of different ages around, each of them trying to mother me. I finally told an aisle full of them "I'm only here for two weeks, if each of you tries to baby me twice I won't have any time left." They laughed and acted somewhat embarrassed.

Note: Another occasion with a mass of unknown females in a large area.

016: (Nightmare) I drove up to a house with three other people. We were not there very long when a strange powerful presence manifested. It was like the classic depiction of a demon appearance, I ran the opposite way. My friends followed me and became Jason and Alex (his close friend). I jumped out a two-story window and tried to reach the roof of the shed in the backyard. I missed, but glided off to one side and landed softly on grass next to the shed.

I went back inside to look for my friends and they were gone. I couldn't find the invisible force any more, but the house was in the same condition. Soon the phone rang and at this point the dream seemed more like a movie I was watching on TV. I saw a woman answer. She spoke for a moment then became alarmed "I didn't call you a cunt!" She said. Then she became fear struck and ripped the phone out of the wall. She can still hear a voice on the other end.

I changed the channel not wanting to encounter "demon trickery" movies. I heard a car pull up outside. I left the bathroom - where the TV was - and went to the front door. Two vans had pulled up with my cousins inside. DD, Emily, Dale's daughter and her sister's daughter's - were getting out of them. It was nighttime.

My Mom called at the front door, then the dream ended.

Note: The profanity in this dream, the "c" word, is not a word I use or think about. It's commonly used in the UK I know, but I have never made use of it in conversation in my life.

017: A silver sports car pulled into the backyard (my backyard), my Dad and the guy that looked like David's best friend got out (a person I only met in passing and don't even remember now). I was watching through a slot in the blinds. I started complaining to my Mom... "Don't let them screw with the computer."

018: While driving, I remembered a driving dream from last night. I was in my car on the freeway. I saw a police car, its marking were grayish. No sooner did I see it than I swerved off the road and then adjusted back onto the road. I remember thinking "Oh great, I hope he didn't see that."

-December 10, 1997

Dream 014: Love Triangle

I'm in the backseat of a car on Stacy's (most recent ex-girlfriend) right, Tim (Stacy's Ex-Boyfriend) is at her left, Lilly (Stacy's sister) and a few others are in the back. It was bizarre, I told everyone I didn't want to fight him. But then I demonstrated my ability to destroy him with my bare hands. By pretending to rip him to shreds. That almost caused a fight on the spot.

I explain to Tim how Stacy has hurt me, she'll do the same to you again. He starts to cry. I get out of the car and walk away. I expect and I'm looking for Stacy's shadow to follow behind me. It does, she walks me back to this bizarre apartment I'm staying in with my Mom and Katie. Neither of them are home. On the way Stacy explains the main reason she is still with me is: "Sex!"

I find a note in the bathroom (there) that says "July" and has a phone number which I interpret to be the phone number to Six Flags. Stacy insists we draw all the blinds, we did. Soon I was leaving and going home (to my real life home).

Out front it's raining and I'm still with Stacy. We go in to the garage, I'm picking up the mail when the girl across the street appears in front of Stacy. I walk over to see what they're talking about, Stacy directs her towards me. I walk up to her and she says:

"My brother and I want to be friends with you."
We agree, she walks away, Stacy is surprised and says "I leave your life and right away a friend replaces me."
I reply "See how God treats me?"

Note: This was apparently the starting point of a dream friendship with my neighbors from across the street. Since then, I have recollections of other dreams with them in it. In real life, we are barely on a first name basis. I have no special interest in them, or they me, just friendly waves and every few years a polite chat.

-December 4, 1997

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream 012-013: X-Ray Vision & Roadside Sex

012: I remember clearly I was at a gas station filling my car up with gas. I decided to look down into the tank and watch the gas go in, a physical impossibility. The tank must have went down into darkness over 100ft. I could see the gas level getting higher and higher, until it almost overflowed.

013: Some way or another I was at this strange house I don't know the exact order of events. People were after me. At one point I asked Molly, the girl I was with (estranged childhood best friend), to open the closet door while I readied a shotgun. Sure enough when she opened it a white trash looking guy with a rifle jumped out. My gun jammed, but eventually I shot him.

Katie and Fred (Molly's real life parents) showed up shortly thereafter and told me not to worry about Molly's boyfriend, that she "still had feelings for me." Soon thereafter we hit the road which was loaded with a mob of women who may have been working for the "bad guys." The road was like Skyline, long and narrow, and just women. Most everybody walked only, I didn't see any cars. I pulled one of them off to the side, not Molly, and we made out. I was running to the north, the girl I basically had sex with on the side of the road I didn't know.

Note: Dream 0012-013 are examples of being semi-lucid. Looking back, it would seem I had made an enterprise out of running down athletic women and fooling around with them. I never noticed the connection between Dream 009 and Dream 013 until now. A road filled with alluring women might have required a deep gas tank? Also see Dream 015.

-December 1, 1997

Dream 011: Unwelcome Guests & Epic Festive Party

I was walking down my block towards the cross street, when a car with two girls stopped honked, and flirted with me from an old Camaro. The girls were overweight, the Camero was thrashed, I spent a few seconds checking them out to see if they were worthwhile. I turned away, they honked again, I held out my hand and waved. Then they drove off.

There were many people on my block, in fact a neighbor brought me a half a watermelon that was sort of shredded. There was also a repair man waiting at my front door. They all tried to walk-in when I got home, I told them to wait out front. I searched the house for my Mom and Grandfather I couldn't find them at first. I vividly remember walking upstairs, my Mom's door was shut, my Grandpa's door was open but I didn't see him inside. I thought there should be a message from my Mom about "the status of the household." I had two voice messages so I checked them. I don't remember the messages.

Next I hear my Grandfather coming home. I go to the front door to greet him - all the people waiting at the front walked into the (entry) hall. I sneered at them to leave and I walked out onto the porch. A very hostile and an upset repair man said "I'm not going to argue with you any more."

I went back inside and it sort of became a Christmas party. A very decorative and epic one. My living room was about twice its ordinary size. There was a grand table with many people sitting at. My Grandfather was at the center. My Auntie Bertha was at the end, my Mom was absent but I looked for a chair space for her. There was one next to my Grandfather's right, with a tall Christmas tree in her place.

I remember thinking - my Mom must have went to the party without me - a party that was happening in real life. The living room was beautifully made up with gold and silver and the ceiling must have been 30ft high. It was very elegant.

-November 29, 1997

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dream 008-010: Gatorade Behavior Control, Lucid #1, Old Best Friend

008: My first dream I was with a girl. We walked around in the woods. There were strange creatures. One of them was snake like and approached us from on the trail we were on. Another struck me as a chameleon gnome that looked like gray wood and bark with glowing eyes. We talked a lot and were not afraid. I don't remember what she looked like. We eventually traveled to an empty house, not much happened there but I do remember trying to jump into a moving car, a Mustang convertible (with the top down).

When we reached her house her Dad was there with a frozen body in the living room. Her Mom was there too! They told me their daughter "knew too much" and that "Gatorade" a "behavior controlling organization" would want to go after her. I was not lucid, I can't remember much more.

Note: This dream is one I would have remembered parts of for life. I also remember "Gatorade" arriving in a white van. The "frozen body" in my recollection was in the kitchen/dining room area standing upright encased in ice. If its presence was explained, I don't remember the explanation. This dream was unusually vivid, and at least the gnome like creature was inspired by something I had just then seen on TV. This dream was not scary in-spite of the excitement and the monsters. On the contrary, it was tranquil and mysterious.

009: (Lucid #1) My second dream I was running down the street at car like speeds when I realized, this must be dream. I looked around at the houses that looked like Berry St, I thought to myself: maybe it's a dream - I should open up one of those houses doors and check inside. I also thought, since this is a dream I should try to look for the Nova dreamer lights. I found a car driving in front of me with its brake lights flashing. Next, I ran up alongside of a woman that was jogging. I started to flirt with her. She looked at me like "your up to something but I kind of like it."

Note: In the journal, I left out that I did in fact enter a random house on Berry St. I ran up to the front door, it was unlocked, I looked around. No one was home but it appeared to be well furnished inside. It was poorly light, so I ran back out to the street. Just then, the attractive looking female jogged past heading in the same direction I initially was. She had on a hat, her hair was up, and she was wearing a black or navy blue sports outfit with a white stripe.

010: Third dream I just remembered. I was on the phone (with ???) and I got a call on the other line, it was Jason (my childhood best friend). I paced around my room and talked to him. I thought about inviting him to play games, but I was scared I would "never get rid of him" if I did. He sounded a little hazy and weird, which is normal for him now.

-November 28, 1997

Dream 005-007: Dream Crime, No Touching, Dinosaurs

005: One of my dreams last night I vaguely remember standing in front of a jewelry store with other people I didn't know. I may have done something illegal to them. I remember sneaking home alone afterward, except I lived in this bizarre three-story (wooden) plank shack. I sneaked into my room but the landlord - an older lady about age 60 - freaked out and threatened, through the wall, to call the police. My room was a super mess, worse than in real life. I thought to myself "If she calls the police on me I'm going to get caught" -for whatever (illegal) I did earlier.

So I sneaked all around the building (and through the backyard) until I could hear her voice talking on the phone through the wall. I climbed or flew up to her window and insisted to her that everything was OK, and there was no need to call the police. It seemed to be nighttime in the dream.

Note: Throughout the time I was looking around my disaster area of an apartment, I could hear the land lady screaming at me through the walls. The walls were visibly vibrating. I could hear her voice laying in threats at me. I remember my stuff looked really old, like 1950's electronics junk. Dusty and possibly nonfunctional. From the outside, this bizarre rundown apartment was very similar to the house in Dream 016. In both dreams I ended up in a familiar backyard location that doesn't exist in real life.

This was a borderline nightmare.

006: I had two other dreams I remember. I was standing in my kitchen with Crissy(?), it seemed like we were an item. I touched her or tried to kiss her and she looked at me funny. I thought to myself, oh no I shouldn't have touched her. Maybe she just likes me as a friend? But (instead) I said something like "That's just the way it is."

007: I know there was more to my third dream, all I remember is running through the park at night. Joe may have been present. There were creatures in the park, which resembled Cherry Park, but it was dark and I couldn't see anything but grass and trees. I said to whomever I was with "If we run inside the tree canopy, the dinosaurs won't be able to get us."

-November 25, 1997

Dream 003-004: Snowy Mountains & Estranged Cousins

003: One of the dreams last night was, I think I was alone. At first it seemed like San Bruno, I was walking up the hill towards Skyline. Only I kept going up and up all the way to snow covered mountains, which I spent time exploring... the top of the mountains were very real, vivid, and the view was breathtaking. There were no buildings or signs of other people, just snow covered rocky mountains with a main peak. I was near the top of a vast horizon and cloudless blue noonday sky. I don't remember seeing the sun.

004: I also had a dream about my cousin David walking into my computer room. I was showing him something on the screen when I became angry with him for not speaking with me for years. I told him off, walked downstairs with him where Marc was and I told him off too. The only part I remember verbatim was "You always thought you were better than me!"

The three of us were talking in the hall near the front door, they both seemed offended, ashamed, and looked at me like I was crazy for confronting them.

-November 24, 1997

Dream 002: Dark Winter

Crows/penguins fly in all-around (me), I think I was going to fight them. There was a (black) leafless tree and snow on the ground. It was pretty, dark, and dreary.

-November 23, 1997

Note: I still remember the contrast between the black swarming mass of sinister birds, and the white snowy ground all around. Later in this dream I remember hiding in a crawlspace or attic. I was inside a home with a pointed roof, very near by the area I first saw the swarm of black birds. This dream felt like the dead of winter, in the dead of night.

Dream 001: Water Bed Making Out

Rin (high school ex-girlfriend) and I were naked (on a water bed) touching and feeling each other - but without having sex. It didn't seem like my room and I didn't realize that it was a dream. The bedroom reminded me of Katie & Fred's old house (estranged family friends). I remember it felt good for both of us, and that I never looked at her face. Her body was a lot more attractive in the dream than in real life.

-November 22, 1997

Intro 000: Dreams & Nightmares

The first set of posts are dreams and nightmares I recorded while experimenting with lucid dreaming and dream seeding 1997-2001. During this period I frequently used the Nova Dreamer and attempted various dream recall techniques. These dreams were usually recorded the instant I woke by hand or as soon as the dreams were recalled. I copied them into this blog with minor corrections.

Much of the dream imagery leaps back into my memory when I explore these old journal entries, but extra words will be in brackets or mentioned post script. There is some sexual content. I may tone down dreams that are too graphic. I have changed the names of certain people and places out of respect of privacy.

I share these with the sincere hope that they will further advance the human understanding of our extremely important dream lives. The unbounded but murky world we dwell in and fabricate while we are asleep. I wish I could say I am good at remembering my dreams. Without regular practice and plenty of sleep, I rarely do. The dreams uncovered here are often shades of sagas, eras, episodes, and bygone relationships with "real people" with "dream people" and in "dream places" that stretch back to childhood.

As my lucid experiments progressed. I learned imperfectly to: See through walls, run at car-like speed, fly, leap from great heights without fear, have sex, slip through cracks, teleport -and a few other things more surprising.

Strangely, many of the cast members of my dreams are real people - long since left my life. When I began to recollect large numbers of dreams, I was often stunned by their constant appearances - when I woke up. While awake, I hadn't much thought of some of these people in years.

Gradually, a warped parallel dream reality emerged. One in which people I had written off long before without regret, were often my regular if awkward dream companions. Even more bewildering? While dreaming certain dreams, I was apparently familiar with the lore, history, timeline, social structure, and even the geography of my dreamland. In these same dreams, I felt completely aware of the differences between "real life" and "dream life."

During my fleeting moments of super-lucidity, I seemed to command an exact memory of scores of additional dreams I remembered little about while awake. This catalog of offline dream knowledge felt crucial for my comfort and survival vs. certain reoccurring dream hazards. Upon awakening, the wisdom of my dreamland all but evaporates.

Considering some of the content I discovered, I don't think remembering 100% of our dreams would be healthy for some. For me, this dream life experience amounts to a staggering and prolific subconscious lore.

Until this experiment, I was unaware that many of my dreams were not so forgotten. But instead stored just beneath the surface of my conscious memories. I have learned that we are all able and all required to - access our subconscious dream histories. This is our own personal Map of Dreamland.

These are my private journals and highly valued personal records. All Rights Reserved. ©1997-2010

No part of this publication may be stored, transmitted, or copied without expressed written permission. Brief quotes are okay for review and reference as long the URL is sited:

No religious or mystical rituals were employed. Advertisements that appear are not necessarily endorsed, there is a lot of dream junk online. My dream explorations were thrown into high gear thanks to information and technology from the Lucidity Institute:

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