Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dream 065-067: W.I.L.D. Driving

065: I was with Lia in a blue office. Looking through files and folders. We were researching something. I got the impression she very pretty although I don't remember her face at all.

066: This is the closest thing to a W.I.L.D. I've had so far. I was tossing and turning in bed with the Nova Dreamer on, trying to fall back to sleep. Next thing I know...

I was driving in my car down a country highway with three or four lanes of traffic. I was driving pretty fast, changing lanes a lot, passing other cars. There was a moderate amount of traffic for a country road. I was keeping a close watch for highway patrol. I clearly remember thinking "I have dreamed about this road before." Then I woke up.

067: I was in front of a corner store I stopped going to as a child. I was looking in the front window but they were closed down. The place looked old and abandoned. Like it had been closed for months. It was quite dark inside.

Note: This store was in my normal walking and bus route home for many years. That changed and I stopped going there, plus they took candy off what amounted to a decade long sale. The place has been occupied my entire life, until a few years back it was closed down for renovation.

This is the second time I recorded a dream about store alteration that did eventually occur, years later. The first was: Dream 037
(& see Lucid Animals at DreamViews.com)

-February 1, 1998

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