Friday, July 16, 2010

Dream 069-071: Future Problems

069: I was in my childhood bedroom. My cousin David was in there and a new bed. David was younger than me, and short. I told him I was stronger than him. He looked disgusted. We may have wrestled each other a little after that.

070: I was in a big futuristic city. I had to walk through some ugly rundown areas that took me past large open sewer entrances. A guy (worker?) told me there were "too many" rats in the sewer. The solution he had in mind was to put "more eels" in the water.

071: Joe, Steff, and Eric were in a room with some kind of Evangelist or cult leader. They were sitting on a black leather sofa. The man was behind a desk and his office was big square and clean. I walked in on all of them debating. I recall thinking "perfect timing." At one point he spilled out a bunch of little papers onto his desk... We all moved in to look at them and I jumped up onto the desk. No one reacted, but I got right down and felt stupid I had done it.

-February 11, 1998

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