Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dream 060-063: Endless Gum & Zombie Attack Turn Job Oppertunity

060: I was talking to my cousin Matthew and David (brothers/first cousins) and to Frances, who I called Emmit (Grandparents on their Fathers side). I was trying to illustrate a point to them but my mouth was filled with chewing gum and the words were too difficult to understand.

So I spit the gum out into a tissue but my mouth was still filled with gooey gum. I sat there in front of them pulling gum out of my mouth.

They all looked at me like I was disgusting.

061: I was dressed up nice at a dance class. I was there visiting someone. I knew Tiffany was in the class too. She kept checking me out, we liked each other. Tiffany looked wonderful in the dream.

062: I was locked up in this room with my kid sister. Resident evil style zombies were after us. I saw a cut shot of them breaking into the building where we were. They looked like computer graphics.

My sister and I were leaving the factory area without weapons. A guy in a blue compact convertible sports car pulled up on the street in front of us. He asked if I was an animator looking for work. I said yes, then took his card. His car was extremely messy. My sister and I started to walk home, but we lived together in the city that was slightly like New York. We were in front of our house and my sister changed into a brown straight haired, blue eyed girl.

The guy who gave me his card was setting up a feeble looking tin mailbox across the street from from us. The girl started to open the garage door with a key, I told her not to while that guy was around. She listened and we walked up the street.

Next thing I know, I was making coffee with a spoon that was filled with coffee. As I stirred, it filled the cup, and I was in my kitchen! Then I woke up.

Note: This is my first recorded dream with so many distinct transitions. I do not usually have, or at least, I do not usually remember this kind. Considering this occurred after a dry spell, is it likely I was having many dreams of this variety? Could constant transitioning make memory retrieval more elusive? Or was it just because I was growing tolerant to my dream recall and lucid induction techniques? Looking back on that time, nothing dramatic or special was going on in my life.

And, here again with the sports cars. I like sports cars. But, they are not a topic I have dwelt on much since I was about 12-years old. I have owned reliable cars since I was 16-years old. Apart from that, it's curious to me they figure so deeply and so frequently into my dreams.

Sports cars and cousins... But why?

063: I just recalled a fragment of a Star Trek dream. Captain Picard was aboard his own personal starship. There was a Klingon Star base that looked like organic technology. Something like a huge jellyfish. Warf gave the order to:

"Destroy Captain Picard if he gets within range."

-January 29, 1998

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